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Now accepting submissions for publication. Email the first 20 pages of your manuscript: 
(ask about our NDA policy)

It's time to right your wrongs.


Prompt - Thorough - Honest - Transparent

You don't write to be read; you write to be heard.

But the trumpeting, trifling, trampling noise of the crowd chokes your voice. You try to muse, to sound, to disclose, to assert, to splutter, to warn, to assure, but it all falls on uninterested ears. You have something to say, sure, but you're not sure how to make it heard. After all, what good is felling a tree if no one else is around to hear it fall? ​

Your manuscript represents years of experience, imagination and sacrifice – now it's time to let it speak. Whether a personal memoir, a gripping YA novel, a technical manual or that thriller you've been drafting in your head all these years, we are ready to refine and amplify your voice.

With mountains of words under our editorial belt, we have all the tools you need to elevate your manuscript. We are ready to treat your words using the precision and care with which you wrote them. Like seasoned craftsmen, we apply the details that turn your building into a temple. 

In today's market, editing isn't optional. Your writing can't afford to be "good enough". There is plenty of "good enough" in the world; it is far more triumphant to be "great".


The voices that dare to rise above the rest are bold, precise and enthralling. They sell because their excellence demands to be heard. With the right editing team behind you, your voice will sing above the rest, ready to project the power of your ideas.

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The Process


This is your chance to inspire us with your manuscript. We want to get to know you, your project and your vision. We might ask for a small sample of your work to edit; that way, you can be confident that we are a good fit for you. Once we agree on the details of the project, we will send over a contract and get right to work.

Once you send over your manuscript, you can schedule that holiday and enjoy a break. Based on the editing work you request, we will pore over your manuscript and make our edits. The scope of our edits will depend on which service you request. We believe in being thorough, so we go through each manuscript at least 3 times.


By the agreed deadline, we will have your edited manuscript back to you for review. This is your opportunity  to accept or reject our suggestions. Based on that review, we will help you complete any necessary revisions. As we collaborate together, we will help you transform your drafts into a beautiful, polished product.


Once we finish editing, we will conduct a final review to make sure you are getting the best result possible. We will then send you an invoice and wish you well as you move on to querying or publishing your manuscript. We will be more than happy to promote and share your manuscript once it has been published!


If you prefer to self-publish or use a hybrid publishing model, we will help you obtain an ISBN, discuss various publishing options, and publish your work through the service that best fits your needs. You will then have complete control over sales, price, marketing, and payments. We can discuss a percentage model or one time payment based on your custom needs. 


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Marcus Williams is a self-published author and freelance writer. After a successful career in federal law enforcement, Marcus turned his focus to the power of words. Beyond writing, Marcus specialises in developmental editing and manuscript evaluation. His intuitive understanding of narrative structure allows him to help authors refine their story. He also provides evaluations of law enforcement manuscripts from a professional perspective.

Caleb Williams is a professional freelance editor with a degree in Editing & Publishing from Brigham Young University. Caleb previously worked as the managing editor of Native English Publishing, where he helped develop and publish a collection of ESL textbooks. He now lives in the UK, where he focuses on developing his editorial skillset. Caleb is particularly interested in nonfiction and business writing, but his skills make him prepared for manuscripts in any genre.

Tell us what you need to get your book published.

Thanks for submitting!

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