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Accountability Coaching

Helping "starters" become "finishers"

Are you a "starter"? Maybe you've started a:

  • business

  • diet

  • budget

  • home improvement project

  • book

  • degree

  • blog

  • website

You get an idea. You work hard. You are motivated and excited. And fizzle out. How far do you get before you give up and start something else?

Do you set the same goals every year but never seem to accomplish them?

Diet Salad
Open For Business
Throwing Caps
Electric Wood Saw
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Would you love to work from home or be self-employed, but are afraid of your history of never finishing?

Do you consistently miss deadlines?

Do you have a list of unfinished projects?

 Young Woman Contemplating

Don't despair!!

You CAN do this!

You just need someone to help you stay focused and be your cheerleader!
Focused Office Workers

What is an accountability coach?

I will help you:

  • Identify what motivates you.

  • Articulate your goals.

  • Come up with a workable plan.

  • Finish what you start.


  • Motivation exploration.

  • Goal setting your way.

  • Weekly calls.

  • Follow up and follow through texts or emails

you are more likely to accomplish your goals if you have to report on your progress every week to someone else.

I'm not your boss. I can't fire you. But I will hold you accountable. I want you to succeed!


From Starter to Finisher

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