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foundational misconduct response training backed by international experience.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I have made the difficult decision to close the Marcus Williams Training Academy and Marcus Williams Coaching. Any previous customers will still have access to any purchased training materials and can still contact me with questions at If you are looking for specific training or help, please contact me as I will continue to accept clients on a case-by-case basis.

You can also purchase my training videos at:

Investigations Training - Corporate or Title IX (

Thank you! 


When I left federal law enforcement for the private sector, I realized that many employees are tasked to conduct investigations without any kind of training and no one to mentor them. They are thrown into the deep end and told to swim.

So I set out to create a solution.

Crime Scene Tape

I attended private sector investigations training. And guess what? It was no good! The poor students left the training thousands of dollars poorer and with no more understanding of investigative principles than they had going in. Students were asking questions on day four of the training that should have been answered on day one. 

Why was the training so bad?

That's simple. It wasn't taught by investigators! Yes, the instructors did investigations, but they weren't trained investigators. I realized as I sat there that it was more a compliance course with a few legal tips than a course on conducting investigations. The class wasn't actually what we signed up for. 

Think of it this way. A home inspector knows what electrical wiring should look like and is an expert at finding flaws and ensuring compliance. But you would never hire the inspector to be your electrician. You also wouldn't trust your electrician to sign off on the inspection. 

The training was taught by "inspectors," not "electricians."

And so...

I decided to found the

Marcus Williams Training Academy.


With over 20 years of professional investigative training and experience and over 16 years serving my country, it was time for me to serve the investigator community by sharing my knowledge. The Investigations Certification Program was born.


No more figuring it out as you go and hoping for the best!

I asked the Human Resources Director of a multinational company where he learned to conduct misconduct investigations. He said he learned from the guy before him.

Well who taught that guy? The guy before him?

Halftone Image of a Hand

That's scary!!

Crime Scene Investigation

Take advantage of what I have learned after conducting hundreds of investigations. I've put in the time and effort and now I'm sharing that with you. Learn the foundational principles that will guide you in every investigation, large or small.



Bias: Investigators allow their personal biases to inhibit them from  conducting an impartial evaluation of the facts.


Poor Interviewing: Investigators miss  gathering important facts when they ask the wrong questions or approach the questioning in the wrong way.


Evidence: Investigators often fail to identify and properly examine relevant evidence. Non-relevant information is instead used to support the finding.

The Investigations Certification Program

What is it?

MWTA-Classroom-video background.png
I took a foundational approach, teaching solid investigative principles piece by piece to give you the skills and techniques required for success and an understanding of the principles behind those techniques. Improve your investigations with legally sound, evidence based investigative practices built upon my years of training and experience. I have broken down the material into eight important lessons.
  • Investigative Planning

  • Biased Investigations

  • Interviewing

  • Support Person(s)

  • Assessing Credibility

  • Gathering and Evaluating Evidence

  • Investigatory Conclusion – Findings

  • Report Writing

Still not sure?

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Free course sample available.

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