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Our editorial experience spans diverse genres and fields. From writing to editing to designing to publishing, we've developed this craft at every stage.


This portfolio, featuring selected projects, highlights our capacity to develop draft manuscripts into beautiful and effective products. 


The Flaming Grenade - Fountains of Power Book 1: 

Set on the beaches of California and the mountains of Sicily, The Flaming Grenade takes us on an adventure to discover ancient secrets with modern technology. Archie, a scientist in Half Moon Bay, CA is accidentally used as a test subject in his company's secret teleportation research, a mistake that somehow connects him to an ancient Power long sought after throughout the centuries. His discovery links his cutting edge research with his fiancé's family history, and together he and Zaira travel to beautiful Sicily to discover the horrible secret surrounding her great uncle's death during World War II. When a powerful oligarch discovers the connection, Archie and Zaira are thrust into a struggle between ancient myths, family secrets, and those who will stop at nothing to obtain ultimate power.

the flaminggrenade (Book Cover).jpg


Driving Engagement

One of the primary drivers for writing this book was our desire to help new leaders understand how they can maximize the productivity and effectiveness of their employees by increasing engagement and supporting mental health.


As a leader, we want you to think back to your first leadership position and how you felt as you transitioned from employee to leader. What did you want to accomplish? What did you hope to change or improve? Ultimately, did you feel like communication with your leaders was effective, and if not, would improved communication have helped your transition into leadership?

DRIVING ENGAGEMENT ebook cover.jpg

Additional Titles

We have been involved in the editing and publishing process of many other manuscripts. These represent over 500,000 words of content across different genres.

These titles are published globally by our partner organization,

Williams & Co. Literary Services.

Mind the Gap: an editor's guide to American and British English

This is the first comprehensive guide to American and British English; even better, we wrote it specifically for editors. Editing across nationalects is an important skill in the business and publishing world. If you need help preparing a British manuscript for American publication or American marketing copy for British distribution, we have that skillset.

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