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This training program is designed to teach Title IX coordinators, investigators, decision makers, advisors, and university leadership foundational principles in investigations. The five lessons contain principles relevant throughout the Title IX process from receipt of the initial allegation through the investigation, live hearing, and discipline process. These principles are foundational to creating an equitable Title IX process in line with Department of Education rules and guidelines. The course includes:


Lessons: Approximately one hour of instruction per lesson which includes progress tracking, clear review questions, and quizzes to help you retain important concepts.

  • Biased Investigations
  • Assessing Credibility
  • Gathering and Evaluating Evidence
  • Investigatory Conclusion - Findings
  • Report Writing



Bias in Investigations

Assessing Credibility


This course is ideal for Title IX professionals to include: investigators, coordinators, deputy coordinators, decision makers, advisors, and other university leadership responsible for responding to allegations of sexual misconduct. There are no prerequisites.

Title IX Training Program 10-25 Students

SKU: TTP10-25
  • The final price will be 15% less per student after applying the Promo Code, TTP 10-25. After adding the course to your cart, choose the number of students between 10-25. At checkout, apply the promo code to receive the group discount. You will receive a document with instructions on how to get all of your students enrolled in the course.

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