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Why WCG?

You may be wondering why you wouldn't just have your attorney take care of any misconduct issues. Great question! The bottom line is that we provide real world, practical, actionable advice and training as you complete each investigative step. Marcus is a career investigator trained at the nation's premier training academy with years of experience as an NCIS Special Agent.


Your lawyers are responsible for providing imperative legal guidance and then defending your work.

Think of it this way. A home inspector knows what electrical wiring should look like and is an expert at finding flaws and ensuring compliance. But you would never hire the inspector to be your electrician. You also wouldn't trust your electrician to sign off on the inspection. Both roles are vital, yet different.

We also do not provide legal services or representation if you are sued or accused of mishandling an investigation. We feel this is a conflict of interest because it would then be in our financial best interest for you to make a mistake. Our goal is to help you avoid law suits through thorough and professional investigations. However, we are available to help your attorneys understand the principles you have learned through our foundational training. 

We do not guarantee that you will never be sued or that no one will ever file an EEOC complaint after following our program. As we are not involved in your response or investigation, we cannot guarantee your results should a complaint or lawsuit be filed. Following our program can reduce your liability, but no guarantees are expressed or implied.

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